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To celebrate the first anniversary of the website I have selected some of my favourite photos. The very first edition went out with This Month, Next Month, Dig This and Links in July 2005. Since then numerous buttons have been added, as you can see. The comment I found the most encouraging of all I received was Sue who said “I really like digmyplot, it’s not like a website, it’s like a story”. Thanks Sue. Click here if you would like to view a selection of the feedback I have received.
I have also had in excess of 12,000 "hits" since the meter was installed on September 13th.The hitmeter is in the bottom left hand corner of the homepage. You will probably be as amazed as me at how many people have visited the site. We passed the thousand mark on November 24th, five thousand on 9th March and on the 16th May someone from Salisbury made it 10,000 at 22.27pm.
The hitmeter shows some of the details of where the ‘visitors’ are coming from. The site has been visited from various locations all over the country and from around the world.


~Bring on the Cream~
Bring on the Cream


~Come and Get Me~
Come and Get Me


~Autumn Bliss~ Autumn Bliss


~My friend, the slugfinder general~
My friend, the slugfinder general


~The shallots are highly strung~
The shallots are highly strung


~propagating fruit bushes~
propagating fruit bushes


~An unwelcome visitor - me!~
An unwelcome visitor - me!


~Chitting the potatoes~
Chitting the potatoes


~Lettuce getting started inside~
Lettuce getting started inside

~A welcome sight~
A welcome sight


~french tarragon from Montrejeau~
french tarragon from Montrejeau


~Courgettes and cucumbers flanked by corn~
Courgettes and cucumbers flanked by corn

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Of the places recorded, 143 have come from different towns around the UK, 106 from 31 of the United States, and 77 from other countries. I don’t know your identities, but if you want to contact me to let me know, please do. If you click here you will access the list of locations. Vistors have come from far afield, attracted by a high profile on search engines, especially on Companion Planting and Crop Rotation.Some of the feedback I have received has been very supportive, and some individuals particularly helpful, notably Sally of Allotments UK and Clive of the Soil Association. Thank you all for being so encouraging. Finally without Sylvia I wouldn't even have an allotment, because it was originally the best Christmas surprise present I've ever had. Literally it was years before the tinsel fell off the keys, and metaphorically it never has. Syl's also been a constant source of encouragement in building the website and in casting a critical eye over it each month at the drafting stage.

~Florence Fennel~ Florence Fennel

~Red Onion: so versatile in salads~ Red Onion: so versatile in salads

~Welsh onions seeding themselves~ Welsh onions seeding themselves

~ A surprise: Jerusalem artichokes~ A surprise: Jerusalem artichokes

~Horsetail Gulch, a perennial problem~ Horsetail Gulch, a perennial problem

~A raised bed, in its infancy~ A raised bed, in its infancy

~Overwintering salad onions ready for spring~ Overwintering salad onions ready for spring

~Onion sets and shallots<~ Onion sets and shallots

~Spring is here<~ Spring is here

~2, Rosemary Cuttings~ 2, Rosemary Cuttings

~The first signs of growth~ The first signs of growth

~Earthed up early potatoes~ Earthed up early potatoes

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