Lovely Flower before Masses of Seeds

~Wild Rocket flower~ may Irrepressible
Wild Rocket is irrepressible. You have to plant some seeds, but after that you’re away. It just takes off. Well it would, wouldn’t it, with a name like that? Not to everyone’s taste as it stands up to be counted, but it certainly is to mine. Peppery doesn’t do it justice, it just bursts with flavour, and is a constant addition to any assembly of salad leaves.

Wild Rocket: a new plant

~Wild Rocket: a new plant ~ may Prolific Perennial
I started off growing cultivated rocket but once it seeded itself it tasted too cabbagey, too strongly green. Then I tried wild rocket and I have never looked back. It’s prolific and to my surprise, it’s perennial. I only realised this when I neglected to remove some and it began to grow early the following spring. Some of mine is almost as thick as the wood on a bush. I just prune it back once it stops growing.

My Rocket Bed

~ Rocket Bed ~ may Biennial
Obligingly it doesn’t last forever, though, as when it’s a few years old it rots and disintegrates with the onset of winter. I consolidated mine on a small bed and resolved to remove it everywhere else it comes up. Of course I don’t, why would you? In fact I have now given up on the bed idea because there is no need. Come to think of it, is it a herb? I don't suppose it is.

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